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V-Challenge™ Functionality & Features

I. Functionality
Provides unbiased second opinion about referee calls challenged by the team regarding almost all types of faults and errors occurring in modern volleyball

It eliminates drama and guarantees fairness in the sense that the point is awarded to the team which indeed deserves it after rally in question
-This is especially crucial for deciding points for sets and matches

Challenged referee decisions are resolved in matter of seconds as TDS experience and accuracy takes volleyball officiating and thus game fairness to a totally new level
-The system is able to display the outcome of any video challenge within 5 seconds from challenge start
-Entire video challenge process lasts approximately 30 seconds and it does not significantly “disrupt” the game

The result of video challenge can be displayed in real-time to the players, referees, arena fans and TV & internet viewers simultaneously
-Significantly enhances and increases the quality and attractiveness of the game experience for all involved

II. Features
Accuracy – meets strict requirements of precision (+/-1 cm)

Reliability – the system is fully automated and extensively tested and proven in real game situations

Non-Invasive – V-Challenge works without the need to adapt any the game components (balls, surface, etc.)

Immunity – system will work with any ball manufacturer and floor/surface cover producer

Compliancy – complies with FIVB requirements and specifications, officially used on many FIVB events

Definitive – V-Challenge™ can provide a replay to categorically prove what the correct referee call should be, which team should get the point

Robustness - no single points of failure to date

Security – internal communication protocol of the system is robust and unaffected by interference, works in all countries

Practicality – Relatively easy to install and use, moveable

  • Need & Opportunity
    Volleyball, just like any other global sport, due to increased level of skills of players and competition, faces a need to improve fairness of the game, confidence of officiating and to minimise errors and stress of all game participants and stakeholders
  • At the same time, due to global trends, including technological advancements, there are several market opportunities that can capitalize on improvement of relative attractiveness and marketability of volleyball globally
  • Solution
    V-Challenge™ is a proven system, product and service that addresses changing and progressing needs of evolving global volleyball and at the same time can help to capitalize on available market opportunities by increasing attractiveness and marketability of the game